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Energy Security

Andy Onchan

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Does anyone out there know what the Island's strategic level of reserves are for hydrocarbons?




Something tells me that we have very little in the way of significant storage capacity for any hydrocarbon fuel.


If the gas is turned off in Ukraine we have to assume that we would be affected. The issue then is what contingencies and processes are in place to ensure that the Islands' power stations are kept running should that scenario occur? Do we assume that IOMG/MEA has sufficient oil in storage to make that change at the drop of a hat? Further, what processes are in place to ensure continued supply of oil at a price that will be affordable after the oil market hits record highs?


Anyone know?

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All pensioners on just the state pension and no other income, should, to stop this rising list of old people dying of Hypothermia, get free heating so they can then just about afford to buy food, but instead the Government wastes money on over the top heating of Government offices.

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The MEA just pays top whack cos they've got loads of (unsanctioned borrowed) money so we're alright.


Then we the customers pay really top whack.


Ah, but we can afford it, we're the 8th richest country in the world, everyone is earning £700 per week.

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Per head of population we are probably punching above our weight on fuel reserves.

That's the trouble with "head of population" though isn't it? Per head of population we look good in all kinds of ways, but it's such a small number of heads that it doesn't carry much weight in the grand scheme of things when compared to populations of tens/hundreds of millions. Another one is the GDP per capita. It maybe ahead of the UK, but lose a couple of major high paying employers and/or maybe a favourable VAT dole out, and that can easily reverse drastically. Figures are flattering, but not resilient.

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