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Isle Of Man Bank Card Payments

Lightening McQueen

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Yep, my card was declined and I knew there was plenty of money, phoned the fraud dept whilst in the shop (to prove I wasn't skint) when other cards began declining. I asked why my card has been declined and the panicked girl on end of phone said they were having 'system problems' and to call back again in an hour. As you do..I posted my frustrations on the Facebook and friends also state their cards have been declined...I'm really pissed off as I got my christmas saving club money today and was planning a big spree!

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I had an IOM Bank card declined at work today and when I went to the Co-Op tonight the cashier told me she couldn't accept IOM Bank or NatWest cards as they were all being declined.


Let's hope this is only a temporary glitch and that it doesn't go on for ages like it did last time!

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I have been using my IOM Bank card a few times today, with no problems and have just logged onto online banking to move some funds and again, no problem.


Has it been fixed or is it a problem for only some customers?


The last time IOM Bank and RBS had trouble like this, it effected both my personal and my business accounts which caused me a lot of hassle.


Maybe the RBS/ IOM Bank system needs to be turned off at the plug, wait 5 min and turned back on again...................................?

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I noticed a glitch on my account last Friday and there was also a short period of time (might have been Friday, maybe Thursday) when I couldn't log in to online banking - both seemed to correct themselves and all was well on Saturday. Maybe it was working its way through various accounts over the weekend?


I seriously hope it's not a repeat of the last crash as that took ages for most accounts to resolve themselves and let's face it, it's not the greatest time of the year for people to have issues with their accounts.

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Aaaahhhh, thanks for posting this, I tried to use mine online last night and kept getting an error message saying my card details were incorrect so, after several attempts, I gave up thinking I'd try again today


(This kinda thread is the reason that I put up with people slagging each other off and arguing all the time on here, there is an occasional gem that is informative and helpful) ;-)

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