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Are Living Hope Church Really Suporting Child Abuse?


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I thought the 'Church on the Rock' was just a harmless local outfit until I googled it, but they too are part of the evangelical Evangelical Baptist movement. (as is the annual Shoebox appeal in our schools - distributed with missionary zeal to vulnerable recipients).



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You've got no chance of seeing their heavenly bank accounts.


Cue for a song...




And no, TJ, the church does not pay their way. For some unfathomable reason they're allowed exemption, and also recieve state-funding, i.e. taxpayers cash for some stuff.


Another chance for me to moan about how much the 'Pastoral Care' provided to the community costs the NHS, which is accepted as a given. People in hospitals, if they're in need of a man in a collar to give them spiritual succour should either pay for it themselves or the church they adhere to should do it for free.


Does anyone really believe it speeds-up recovery time or invokes some higher power over doctors and nurses?


It's all bullshit, they should be taxed out of existence....

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