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1961 Wolseley 1500

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Looking to move on the Wolseley that I picked up as a part-ex.


It's a solid enough shell for someone after an easy restoration or a rolling project. Since getting it I've spent some time on the engine getting it running right, which it now does. Most of the consumables for the ignition have been replaced, as has the fuel filter so it now ticks over nicely and revs freely. Engine has around 62k miles on the clock and is leak free.


Bodywork wise it's in need of some TLC. There's a couple of patches needed on one sill and a new mount for the rear bumper needs fabricating. Externally the bodywork is starting to show it's age and there's a few areas that will need attention sooner rather than later. Nothing drastic, but needs sorting out at some point regardless. Rear bumper & bracket are included


Interior wise it's all wood and leather. The drivers seat has a tear and some of the wood work could do with a sand down and varnish, but apart from that it's 99% there as can be seen in the pics.



Great little car that's full of character and if I didn't need to release funds to fix my other car I'd have no hesitation in keeping her.






Pictures of the car as of a couple of weeks ago.















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I believe so. Check XLR8 on Facebook for some riotous fun involving him and then a chappie fancying himself as master thief and Mr Gangster. (Anyone on there will know EXACTLY who I mean).

Don't want to spam up your for sale thread but that really does look like a lovely piece of 60's motoring, back when cars were hand built and no two were quite the same!

Nice to see the usual suspects fagging up someones ad once again...

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