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Bobbie Bobster


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I found the "eagerly awaited" S02E01 underwhelming. Not wanting to overanalyse or anything, but I think it was a combination of:

A very weak, deriative plot.

All of the in-jokey fanfic stuff. Would be OK as part of a middlle third season episode of a normal 13-20 episode run when the characters and structure are very well established, but it was a big waste of a 3 ep. run.

Holmes as some sort of 007^2 character. What now? Seems grossly inconsistent with what I know of the character, but I admit to not being a Conan Doyle expert.

The two year break was unavoidable due to scheduling constraints, but in the interim TV has moved on, with high quality stuff like Game of Thrones, House of Cards and Breaking Bad getting more mainstream visibility.

I started watching Elementary repeats on Sky. Its got plot. And character development. And subtlety.


Has Sherlock become the Doctor Who of the procedural crime drama, quirkily British, but not very good?

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We watched the first two from the first series over Christmas. From the rave reviews we'd read we thought we were in for a treat. We found it to be pap and a tedious drawn out affair over 90 minutes. We won't be watching any more.


Thank god 'The Bridge' is back.

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