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Establishments That Serve Average Burgers With Chips

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8 hours ago, j2bad said:

You do nice fish and chips, don't try to modernise Ramsey with your new fangled meat patties.

Oh and if I bring an OAP and a child in and order a kids meal, and an OAP meal with an adult meal, don't by default ring all of them through the till as adults meals because you have not bothered to check the table and think that people are just trying to cheat, would not mind once but happened twice now. If you have a problem with customers abusing your your discounted smaller portions either don't offer them or insist on photographic id.

We think there is a market for them in town so we will give it ago 

can you pm me please, regarding you last visit(s) see if I can get to the bottom of it 

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Certainly no vouchers given out, just trying to get to the bottom of it, can I suggest you send me a pm explaining what went on please 

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