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Web Stats March 2012


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Unique visitors: 24,677
Hits: 8,365,774
Bandwidth: 82.21GB

Most Popular Day of the Week: Tuesday
Most Popular Hour of the Day: 8pm
Most Users Browsed for Duration: 5mn-15mn
Most Used Entry Page: http://www.manxforums.com/forums/

Most Popular Operating System: Windows (86.8%)
Most Popular Browser: MS Internet Explorer (61.2%)

Top Search Key Phrase: Manx Forums (29.4%)
Most Referals: feegan.com

New User Registrations: 53
New Topics Created: 315
New Posts: 7,785
Topic Views: 600,703
Private Messages Sent: 90

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I tell you what though, have a look back through the historic postings on here and the bandwidth usage (and unique user stats) have gone through the roof over the years.


It would be very interesting to see what the current stats are - maybe UniSol can tell us on the 10th birthday bash (in a Bill Gates esque presentation stylie) or maybe we can wait another 18-24 months to see them posted up on here... tongue.png

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