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An 'unflouncing' Farewell


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I haven't posted for a while although I frequently 'lurk' and read threads with interest and amusement. I've been a member of MF and it's predecessors as early as Manx Net Forums over 10 years ago.


I've often wondered what happened to previous posters that have left and never posted again. This is probably going to be my unflouncing grand exit (there has never been many of those) because I have terminal cancer which was only discovered after having a massive heart attack. Unfortunately, one can't even be considered without the other being fixed first. MF will just have to struggle on without me. ;)


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone, keep up the good work, give those fools on the hill the arse kicking they need. Thank you all for the many laughs, fights, insult swapping and banter etc. Love to Ans especially (what a pussycat eh?)

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Likewise. Although Topaz has never been a frequent poster, most of those posts were perceptive or to the point and i can't ever remember being in any kind of 'conflict.'

In all honesty, reading a post like that is like receiving a kick in the whatsits - a reminder, I suppose, that some will disappear without anyone knowing why.

All we can do is hope that things will go as well as they can for you and I think it goes without saying that if there's anything we can do to help you, please feel free to ask.

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Was intrigued by the subject line. Thought "wanna hear this one" then opened the thread. Utterly gobsmacked. I hate the phrase "puts things in perspective" because it usually relates to scenarios way away from you. Topaz, your's still is, of course. But when a thing like yours is related first hand, it resonates.


I wish you all the luck in the world that a situation like yours can grant. For once, I'm nigh on speechless ...

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Well Topaz, over all those years, I know I have enjoyed your many diverse posts and most particularly the political insights. I enjoy your humour.


I do notice that you have the ability to lure ans out of his cave. Or did you just happen to turn up when he reared his (metaphorical) ugly head? Thread1


This one hit home to me.. Thread2 paricularly: .....continue working to achieve the fullest recognition of, and respect for, the rule of law such as restoring the integrity of the judicial branch of government. Oh yes, that hit right home. I will make that happen.


Poignancy, nostalgia....baring of the soul.... the changing years: thread3


So many more. They haven't gone unnoticed.


Good luck, all the best.

cs (et al)


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