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Greatest Sitcom


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M.A.S.H for non UK sitcoms, provided it is the version without the laughter track


For UK I would probably go for Porridge. Possibly as second choice, Yes Minister. I also have a soft spot for one of ITV's very few decent comedies, Rising Damp.


Others I enjoy but I think I rate these the most as they are the characters are all beleivable are played played dead straight. The situations are not contrived neither is there an element of farce


It is why although I enjoy Fawlty Towers, I do not have it at the top of the list as I do not think the use of language is a patch on Porridge etc, and a large element strays into farce.

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Best ever UK sitcom - Fawlty Towers. Only 12 episodes in total, so no chance of growing stale and still funny to watch.


Best ever US sitcom - M.A.S.H. Lasted longer than the war it was set in - but always funny and irreverent and never grew stale.


I Agree Completely. I have several Episodes on Tape.


But have you guys ever had Cheers Broadcast over there. That was one of my Favorites.


Of course, Family Guy has had me Laughing So Hard that I almost Pissed Myself.




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I enjoyed many of the early episodes of Cheers - but then working nights meant I missed it for a while and by the next time I saw it Shelley Long had been replaced by Kirstie Alley and it didn't seem to work as well.


I thought Cheers got even better as it developed; we saw more of Frasier and Lilith, and poignancy often coloured the best episodes. I liked them all, but preferred the addition to the cast of Kirsty Alley and Woody Harrelson in the later series. Like almost all the best comedies there was a hint of sadness to Cheers that made it really great.


It was interesting to hear Jack Dee on Desert Island Discs last weekend and one of his selections was the theme to Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads ?, a sitcom that he remembers fondly and one which is often overlooked. I'd forgotten how great the theme song was too.

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