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Does anyone recommend somewhere in Douglas for dance classes for kids 4 and up ? Not sure what 'genre' of dance yet, so somewhere with an assortment of ballet, modern, Irish etc would be nice.

Parking is an important consideration too.


My 5 year old goes to Theatrix at Trinity Methodist Church (next to Rosemount Pub), no parking on-site but plenty 2hr disc parking close by and they do all of the above plus drama and singing.

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Been to a few different places, all were good just my kids have taken to this one and it is very friendly, informal and at a time which suits us.


They do exams and awards and travel to UK and Ireland to compete though it's not as pressured as other places we have been, I don't feel I can really comment on others as in most places you don't get to see your children dancing so can be a mystery as to what goes on during the lesson.

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Thank you everyone for your help so far.

Is there anywhere that allows watching of the lessons ?


Well as a parent I can sit and watch in some lessons if I wanted, though it depends on the room they are in. Some lessons are in a large hall with plenty of seating for parents to sit and wait and others lessons are in a small room where there would not be any space so you have to stand outside, I think all places would let a parent sit in on the first lesson anyway just to settle the child in.

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