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Things You've Bought That Turned Out To Be Really Good Value


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I was thinking today, for no apparent reason, that amongst all the stuff that you buy, there is a relatively limited number of things that turn out to be really good value. Either they've lasted beyond their expected lifespan, or they were cheap and you use them surprisingly often, or they were expensive but cherished and used muchly.


Off the top of my head, here's my list:


My Nokia phone - over 3 years old and still, in my opinion, better than the wife's iPhone

My old Mac laptop - bought in 2003 and still used by my daughter for homework etc

A concept II rowing machine - bought in 2006, used most days, never breaks, never needs service

A Bosch deep freeze - bought about 15 years ago and paid for itself many times over

My piano - a reconditioned 1932 Bechstein, played for several hours on most days, much loved

An LED headtorch - given to me as a present a few years ago, surprisingly useful and resilient

A keyring bottle opener - There have been many situations when I've been the only one able to open the beer


There may be others. Anyone else?

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A digital vernier caliper I bought about 6 months ago for £23.00, it gets used several times most days,converts from metric to imperial at the press of a button, and is as accurate and reliable as the far more expensive models.


Same goes for 2 digital micrometers bought at the same time,though they aren't used as frequently as the vernier.

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Novelty bottle opener, Skegness 1975.


Still opening bottles, although the paint is starting to wear off the jolly little man.


Christmas cracker glasses repair kit. Never found a use for the little plastic things but the drivers have been fixing loose screws for over 15 years.


..and finally my garage broom, been in the family for 3 generations. Its had 7 handles and countless heads in its time, but still going strong.

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