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Getting a pay rise.

A waft of Castrol 'R' racing oil on a warm summers day.

My life at the moment is spot on, best wife, just enough to live on, nice house, nice kids and grandchildren, nice cat, enough food, bestest friends and a wonderful island to live on. Just enough and

A waft of Castrol 'R' racing oil on a warm summers day.

The smell of freshly ground coffee

Fresh clean bedding (each year)

Sex (preferably with a woman but on my own is cool too. Not that I will be doing that on the bus again)

Cornflakes with garlic gravy on crumpets

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The smile of an innocent child


5am on a warm flat summers morning, sitting on a boat watching seals play and falcons soar ,off the "Cletts".


Sitting on a riverbank fishing in the manx countryside without some clown jumping out of the bushes and cautioning you for illegal fishing.Then listening to them have to ring up and apologise 3 hours later.


Acts of kindness.


Sitting in Paddy Rices bar ,Riverside Phnom Penh(Right now) looking out across the Mekong river and just about to tuck into a full breakfast.


Seeing the "Rock" after a long absence.


True friends.


Rattling the cage of self servers.

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Nice thread TJ.



A kipper bap 'round the back of the Castle


Is that a euphemism of some kind?


My number one is seeing the delight on my son's face when he scores, or assists, a goal.

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