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Norville Rogers

PE Teacher announces work permit shake up

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Does anyone know when this bill becomes law? It passed it's third reading but how long until it is legal?

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Well the Legislative Council have to do their Advise, Revise, Scrutinise bit.


That is where the senilesque sleepy heads mosey along to their meeting, open up the big envelopes with the draft Bills etc enclosed. They then say something like "let's see what it is we are being asked to look at today"[1] and then chat through the clauses on the fly. Wingit and waffle.


There will of course be possibly one, maybe two of these old boys will have studied the clauses and know what they are talking about, thereby giving the sleepy heads an easy ride for their £1000 a week plus pension.


When will it become law? It will likely sail through LegCo and get rubber stamped at the following Tynwald meeting. Governor will say do his rubber stamp bit too on behalf of the Lord of Man.


2-3 months?




[1]true story

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Had a glance through, not had a chance to look yet in detail. What are particular worries?


I can't see that many major changes from the current system in here, as I understand it operates: http://www.gov.im/news/2013/nov/29/new-work-permit-changes-proposed/ or here: http://www.tynwald.org.im/business/bills/Bills/Control_of_Employment_Bill_2013-Notes.pdf


Seems to be mainly about protecting the spouses of people granted work permits (or in the event of the worker spouse dying), extending the work permit system to include employment in territorial waters, and DED gaining more powers to grant if it deems the work to be in the 'national interest' (whatever that means).

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