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Electricity prices to rise by 2.5% from April 1st (no joke)


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"The MEA says for the average domestic customer this accounts to a rise of just over £21."


A year? A month? A week? A day?


Don't you just love rigorous reporting.


Time to get the elastic on the wind turbine wound up a bit tighter.


£21.60 per year according to this version http://www.manxradio.com/newsread.aspx?id=69983

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When IOM newspapers put up their newspaper cover price, they compared it to the cost of a can of coke in downtown Douglas. No doubt the MEA will try to equate the price rise with a popular commodity that you can buy in downtown Douglas.


With the Toilet Tax, the WASA tried to argue that the £50 charge was less than a £1 week......... Govt like to justify their increases.

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Another nasty and uncalled for post there,Cens.


You're knocking one of the few MHK's who is actually giving the public the type of representation they should be receiving?

Is he? How?

He has identified a populist issue and nailed his colours to that mast, made some noise and will then give it up without achieving anything.

If he actually materially alters what's happening, rather than just posturing for a bit, I'll retract that criticism, move to his consitituency and vote for him. He more or less said there was nothing more he can do on the radio this morning.

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If he is prevented from doing anything further then it is a fault with the system of Govt,not a failing of CT's.

No one has said he is prevented, he said he has asked all the questions he can, which sounded like he was giving up. He can question it forever or, which may be more useful, he could table a motion at the next Tynwald calling for the charge to be referred to a committee, whcih would delay it, or for its introudction to be delayed by 12 months to allow for full consultation and fair billing.

Failing that, he could elad a popular revolution refusing to pay it, go public with his outright refusal to pay and encourage others to follow him. He could talk about how he is willing to go to jail for his protest and put so much pressure on government, the policy woudl simply have to be changed.

Or, he could score a few easy headlines with no actual effect, and then move on to the next populist issue, like a Peter Karran in waiting.


ETA - I'm not anti-CT at all, and hope he does follow through on a promising start and actually represent people, I'm just a touch cynical after seeing so many MHKs become heroes of 'the people' because they shout about unpopular policies, but never suggest an alternative or actually do anything.

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Unlike the toilet tax, you can at least turn the light off, and the telly etc to reduce the amount you pay.


In theory you can, but as they need the income to pay off the debt and fixed costs if everybody did that then the unit price would go up even more.


Thats why energy saving is a sham over here ( Environment saving aside). Hence why you are not going to see domestic water meters here anytime soon.

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