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that data centre ain't for the likes of you, its for egaming, manx.net servers are probaly running windows 2000 and located in a broom cupboard in dalton street.

Have spoken to some IT guy at MT and changed passwords even though they say they were really strong to start with. Even with their help the account was still compromised so them blaming weak passwords

Whether it is easier to do that or brute force a password, the overiding issue is that Manx.net has obviously become a target for spammers due to the lax if non-existant controls on sending bulk email

Is anyone else still having problems with this bloody email system?

There are loads of issues still with it:


First send and receive on a PoP3 client will error, fine after that

Webmail doesn't load on first login, have to refresh to get it to load

Webmail locks during auto refresh

Webmail times out well before time

'There has been a internal error'

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This is the biggest pile of poop since Noah cleaned out the Ark after the rain stopped.


Webmail, POP3 and all kinds of problems with outlook too.


Let's shit them up with a class action. Is there a lawyer in the house who has also been affected (maybe had to set up his own domain or something)?


There may be all kinds of 'nothing to do with us clauses' but they are affecting a lot of businesses (a lot less IT savvy than most on here) and deserve a shit load of bad publicity given all these problems and now the issues dragging into months, not days.



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Albert. I'm in the book, but their T&C's seem water tight, its a free service which they don't guarantee.


I've kept my old @manx.net address and it still comes into exchange (if it gets here)but everything is outgoing from my new @johnwright.co.im address and everyone is using it to reply. I've changed my web sites etc.


I have a footer in red warning of the address change

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I know. I'm travelling in Europe at the moment, and a relative is ill, so family emails are not arriving to each other. People who have had manx.net accounts for years. Very frustrating.


At the end of the day I have been ripped off by this company for years, paid them directly or indirectly by now around £10K over the last 10 years - no kidding. They wouldn't last 5 minutes in the UK.


Even when I was back on island last week most mobile phone calls were echoey, sometimes not even connecting or just silent.


I got some text from them a week or so ago saying something about upgrading network. I think they need to concentrate first on upgrading their staff.



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And at the end of the day, people have been telling you for years that it's a crappy mail service yet you steadfastly refuse to consider moving. John Wright did it, why can't you?


You can manage an email change to any business with enough planning and thought but it seems you're happier wasting your time posting on internet forums about it.

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