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I wonder what the "iSIS" security thingamybub is - it says "not a surface coating", so presumably some sort of extra, secret, easily detectable but not easily reproducible, ingredient.


I wonder will there be a rash of "secret coin additives - are they safe???" media stories?

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I've heard they have a RF id chip in them. No response to a scan and they get rejected.


It also means they can track every single coin in your pocket, car, purse, piggy bank, therefore tracking you AND they have a small microphone that can be activated with a microwave burst from a satellite, and fingerprint recognition, DNA fingerprint analysis, GPS units to track you within centimetres anywhere on the globe and a self destruct device should you drop one.


They are made using cheap metal from Kiev, can explode on planes when in contact with 2x50p coins, a 20p coin and a selection of 2 and 1p coins.


They carry germs like AIDS and man flu as they cannot be washed.


I am willing to risk all this for you. Should you come across one in your change, PM me and I'll give you and address to send it to (wrapped in tin foil of course).

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If they get the size and weight right it could work anywhere an existing pound coin does. It will roll, should fit in coin op slides. The heptagonal 20p and 50p both roll, they are designed to run evenly in a coin op channel.


I'm old enough to remember thrupenny bits in brass, and half crowns.


Assuming we adopt in IOM that will be the third £1 coin. The Percy preceded the current one, same diameter but only half the thickness. The diameter is fixed historically by reference to a gold sovereign


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