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Douglas Power Cut?

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Anyone else lose power for a couple of hours in the early hours this morning? Was around 3am.


Just want to know if it was something specific to my house I need to get checked out.

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About 2.30 till 4.30 am I reckon. Whole street was out, and other streets as far as I could see. I think we're both West Douglas so it would be the same area.

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I saw strange lights in the sky at about the same time as the power loss. They had a strange colour configuration; alternately appearing to be amber, red, blue. They were moving vertically and horizontally and then seemed to merge and then disappeared into thin air.

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Power went shortly after 2am in West Douglas, wasn't back until 4:30-ish.


I was awake at the time, but couldn't find any information on it - the MEA's web page and twitter feed had nothing at all, the radio stations were all on autoplay, and not even Manxforums had a thread about it smile.png

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