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IOM Gov Pension Scheme eligibility (or not)

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hi, looking for some advice please on behalf of the father in law.


He has worked for the Gov for approx. 18 years. due to recent health issues he is now reviewing finances and tells me that shortly after starting employment 18 years ago he was 'removed' from the Gov pension scheme due to 'being overweight' and having been diagnosed with mild diabetes shortly before commencing employment. Until recently he has had no prolonged health issues and very little time off work.


I am finding it very difficult to understand how this can be done, i.e. how he can be excluded from the pension scheme. He received nothing in writing about this, doesn't really understand pensions, and not being financially astute, simply went along with it.


Any advice would be welcome


Thanks in advance

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Contact human resources or personnel or what ever they are called this week and ask, in writing for a copy of his appointment letter/job offer and in particular any terms relating to eligibility to pension, ill health pension, family and sickness benefits.


Although there is a downside, if they've forgotten as well, and have been paying him, they may twig

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thanks for that.


It appears that after 6 months employment he also had 'sick pay' benefits removed as well however these were then re-instated at a later date. In all honesty the 'sick pay' element is not an issue - its the fact that he was 'removed' from the pension scheme. Surely the pension entitlement would be based on the number of years service he eventually worked, and should not have been affected by weight/mild health issues?


John. thanks for that - I will help him draft a letter asking the things you said


thanks again

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Also check whether he had money deducted from monthly pay for the pension fund.


John Wright will know more about the legal side, but in some places he would be a member of a pension fund if the employer was making deductions.


As John says ask for proof that he acknowledged that he was withdrawn from the pension scheme.


And finally - union rep?

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John Wright will know more about the legal side, but in some places he would be a member of a pension fund if the employer was making deductions.


What deductions? If this is the civil service what he might not have understood is that before a few years ago the only deduction made from your pay was a small payment to cover your death in service insurance. There were no deductions made to pay for your pension at all. However if he was regarded as that ill that they wouldn't give him the death in service he can't be a member of the pension without being in the other.

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Hi again


To clarify, when he started employment with IOM Gov 18 years ago he was initially a member of the pension scheme and assures me he had the 'normal' death in service and sick pay benefits. Some 6 months into his employment he was told that he was no longer eligible to remain in the scheme (which he states was due to weight and mild diabetes). He was subsequently (several years later) told that he would benefit from sick pay benefits (having had no time off work ill and also apparently having a new manager) and this part of his contract was reinstated (although he has no supporting paperwork)


As mentioned above, he is going to take advice from the Union rep after getting copies of all contracts etc from Human Resources/Personnel. Thanks for all the replies folks.


Initial post was to see if anyone had experienced anything similar and to get advice. Thanks again for your help

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