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Hi there


I was wondering if anyone knew where I could purchase this on the island?


Thank you

The glazing companies use it for glass cleaning when making double glazed units,maybe asking one of them who their supplier is would get you some.


Alternatively try the local companies who supply commercial cleaning products.

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I've got a few litres of 880 in the bunker, were you after a specific molarity and quantity - I may have some diluted down in a stock bottle that's just not going to get used now.


A good household cleaner could be as much as a 10% solution - so the £1.20 shop may be your best bet.

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I would not recommend it for oven cleaning, despite what the interweb may say.


If using in the oven you need to leave it over night for it to be any good. The associated smell and other problems would rule it out.


Dilutions as little as 10% may cause respiratory problems, stick with spray on foaming oven cleaner, it sticks better, quicker and won't stink the house out. If the oven is that bad, foam cleaner and a steamer would be better.

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