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Famous Rock Concerts?

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'Sweet', Palace Lido, mid-seventies. Whatever anyone thinks, live, they had a great edge to them. Mick Tucker (The Fucker) played, 'The Man with the Golden Arm' drum-solo with two video-screens projec

T-Rex played The Lido in the 70's. MeatLoaf and Status Quo played The Bowl in the 80's. Apparently Boyzone played in The Cave disco! I remember 2Unlimited and technotronic, but not Boyzone. More recen

Dr Feelgood at the Lido 76/77 is etched in my memory. Never have I witnessed a band with such energy and menace. They looked more like four blokes who had just pulled off a messy bank job than a band

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Yep - Status Quo, Mott the Hoople (2 gigs), Thin Lizzy (2 gigs), Slade, T. Rex, & of course the excellent Black Mass!

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I've always wished someone would write a book about some of the great bands of the 60's and 70's that played over here. It's been done for a slightly earlier period I think, and there was a great programme on Manx Radio a couple of years back, with Roger Watterson interviewing Bernie May, John Harrison and 'Flash' Howell. I think Flash probably has most of the history, as he supported many of the big names that played the great days of the Lido. I was slightly too young to catch most of the big names but I caught a few acts in the early to mid-70's.

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There's a thread running in some Belfast newspaper website about summer hols on the island in the 70s (and all that entailed)


Haven't got into it yet but I imagine there's plenty there

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Queen, how could I forget them?


Great gig on their first UK tour


Slightly marred by massive fight in middle of the big floor at the Lido- Freddie ignored it

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