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Maiden Manx wingsuit flight

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‘The first person to wingsuit over the Isle of Man’.

That’s the title Roger Hughes took yesterday (WED) when he jumped from a plane at 15,000 feet over Jurby Airfield.

He works for Lancashire-based Black Knights Parachute Centre; the company taking visitors and locals on tandem skydives this TT fortnight.

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No doubt this new First will be touted as one of the many(?) benefits of the TT.


You are seriously obsessed with the TT aren't you? I would suggest some sort of therapy but maybe you should just relax and enjoy the Island and the variety that we have here. That includes sleepy villages being woken by the roar of motorcycle engines as much as it does being able to walk in our Glens or on our beaches.


Alternatively you could always jump out of a plane for an aerial view.

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I don't like flying at the best of times and would NEVER do a parachute jump, but that was impressive and the island looked beautiful. Great video.

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