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Give up dairy to beat cancer

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As far as I know Manx beef cattle are out to grass for the summer at least. They may well get feed supplements, especially in the winter, but farmers I know describe it as being as close to organic as you can get without going the whole hog as it were


I can imagine a beef farmer might "fatten them up" before sending them to market

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Many years ago I worked for Corlett Sons and Cowley in a 'mill' in Lake Road, Douglas producing their own pellets for cattle, pigs, poultry etc. The ingredients were wholesome and mostly local produce, apart from the molasses that were used as a binding agent. I've no idea what today's cattle feed is made up of, but I can't imagine many GM crops (Ooooh! Isn't it so thrilling to use such an obviously evil term?whatever.gif ) being a great deal cheaper.

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Thanks for your responses, all very interesting. It's funny that many of us think about what we eat, trying to make "healthy choices", but we don't often think about what our food (eg cattle) eat.

I had some "real" eggs recently, from chickens that weren't fed chicken feed, but we're left to scratch and forage naturally. Bloody hell. They were the best eggs ever. I was surprised how different the taste and colour was.

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