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Where's good for lunch in Ramsey atm?


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There are two Italian restaurants in Ramsey, a french one, a few chinese ones and a few brit type places. Mamma Mia has lovely food and friendly service at a good price. A bit dark in there though and I wish they'd move.


The newer italian one, Attraversiamo, near the plough hasn't yet quite got its act together.


We went there for a romantic meal as was explained when we booked. We asked for a quiet place.


On no account sit in the rear right area as the toilet door slams endlessly almost making the ground shake and the constant traffic past the table was dire. The people at the next table could have been on our table due to the close proximity.


Food presentation was really excellent but how can a restaurant worth the name use frozen chips? The steak was undercooked and of indefinable cut and somewhat undercooked. The staff were very pleasant but the courses arrived at rapid fire speed and we don't eat at that pace when on an evening out, or even at home, so it seemed a lot of money for an hour's evening out.


It has a lot of potential if they get their ducks in a row. It does have a lot going for it.


Minus points-

Get the toilet door fixed

Sort out the steamed up windows

Prepare your own vegetables

Let your customers take their time


Plus points-

Food beautifully presented

In the main food was mostly good

Staff pleasant and helpful

Nicely furnished

Very handy

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Thanks for that Addie. So many have raved about that place but it sounds like it needs some work still.


The family that run it are exceptionally nice though so I do hope they iron out the issues.


I think they have the option to expand upstairs in due course so maybe they will space the tables better once they have the funds to do so.


Frozen chips should be banned in any restaurant imho.

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We went to Attraversiamo, lunch menu was a bit limited with lite bites rather than starters which turns out to be a bit large when having a mains as well. I had fillet Steak asked for rare, I'd say it was slightly less than rare if I'm being fussy, I'd eat it blue tbh so no problem and it was lovely. Chips were definitely home made when we were there. Pizzas had nice and thin crispy bases bit to much topping but tasty, sea bass and salmon both went down well only problem being we were getting a bit stuffed by then. I was told once when working in a restaurant feed them don't fatten them and I think if the starters had been a bit smaller we'd have enjoyed the mains a bit more.

The staff were very good, friendly attentive not in your face all the time but there when you needed them.

House rose wine was a bit odd and didn't go down well with those drinking it.

All in all it was say 7 out of 10 (10 being pretty much unachievable) and I would go again but for the fact I'm not often up that way and like to try new places.


Happy to recommend it.

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me and my better half went to the steakhouse when it first open, we were impressed we got a good piece of steak resonable portion of chips and salad, we went back about 4 weeks later it took an hour to get our food and when it came we had a massive portion of chips, portion of salad and a small piece of steak, we mentioned it when we paid our bill we got the response of "well i didn't cook it"

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Attraversiamo - lunch yesterday = awful.. Shocking service, they forgot we were there, only 3 other covers in so they weren't stretched. As it was an Italian thought would stick to the 'theme' and have Lasagne. Never before have I been able to count the mince' granules(cant think of a way to describe bits of mince) I reckon 20 would be generous, that equated to less than a teaspoon of mince in a serving. Bland tomato sauce and way too much melted cheddar - nothing like any Lasagne I have ever had - not inedible but just tastleless and greasy. When I go to an Italian I want Italian food - good rustic food. Not cajun chicken and burgers. Jean Pierres is missing the mark too - their menu has Tiramisu as a dessert. Don't market yourself as a 'regional' restaurant when the flavours of the region are in the minority. Such potential but hugely wide of the mark.

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Complained about lack of service - having to ask to be served is poor. However was with my elderly folks, their treat, they dont like to 'make a fuss'. I do believe in giving opportunity to put things right at the time but they just wanted to leave. I will probably give the dinner menu a go one night just in case we were unlucky. Top tip to the restaurant - dont sellotape things in the window - looks cheap.

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Looks alright when you first do it, once the sun gets on it and it dries a bit it looks cheap yeah. Don't forget, they are relatively new and maybe the budget is a bit tight for things like fancy sign holders. I think they have done very well so far in terms of the look of the place. I've not had the chance to eat there yet but will try it as soon as I can afford to.

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