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Troll and Sock Puppet Slanging Match

Gee Cee

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Personally I find the slanging match between TSM and Lonan3 tiresome. TSM acts like a little kid taunting Lonan3 and for some reason Lonan3 takes the bait.


I find TSM pretty irritating and I would not be at all surprised if it is a sock puppet account for someone.


I don't suppose it is you is it Declan? You appear to enjoy winding Lonan3 up as welll. ;)

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I find Lonan3 is basically a straight talking, what you see is what you get kind of poster. He expresses genuine opinions and raises genuine issues.


He's been pretty open about his life and work and people have used that to try to get under his skin ... hence the switch to Terse. It is interesting why that change didn't become permanent ... partly I think it is because people want to find out who is behind the anonymous handle - and Lonan3 being who he is couldn't stop himself emerging from Terse so people twigged and commented about it. I know I did. As a result he reverted to his older more known handle.


Over likes - erm ... well ... we all have our failings don't we.


There is a difference between Lonan3 and TSM in that Lonan3's true self is apparant in his postings - he's presenting a true picture of himself with all the faults and foibles we all have (and yes TSM has found them and gleefully pointed them out). But TSM is a poster deliberately cultivating a false persona hidden behind sarcasm and taunts.


I can understand why people connect this with PL and other incarnations - the genuine person behind these posters is pretty invisible and the cultivated image is similar in the put downs and one liners gleefully delivered to make people feel uncomfortable.


PL was a master of it, often humourously, but TSM hasn't managed to get his eye in yet mainly because it looks too like a rerun and hence too fake.

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But TSM is a poster deliberately cultivating a false persona hidden behind sarcasm and taunts.


/sighs.... We're all false personas on this forum, no matter how much some trumpet the fact that their user name is their name irl. Even you. If some users want to make such an unjustified and obsessive crusade out of belittling and embarrassing new users from pretty much their first contributions, then no one should complain when they meet their match and get their anonymous backsides kicked down the anonymous street. Reap what you sow. And get over it.

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I'm getting confused now.


The Soft Moon is PL because he likes PL's posts.

PL is Manxtaxpayer because he likes PL's posts.

Lonan3 is Terse because he like his posts.


So does this mean Terse is Manxtaxpayer -




I warned against the "like" button when it was first introduced and now look what's happened. everybody is one person's Sock Puppet.

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