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The World Cup

The Sick Moon

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I like this post on LFC website, kind of how I will feel in a couple of weeks:


I've got to the point where I am indifferent to what happens. If we sell, good luck to the next club.

Barca can cope without a Suarez for 30% every season, Liverpool can't.
At the same time, he is irreplaceable.

Then again, I thought the same with Torres, McManaman, Owen, Fowler - I guess we will survive.

I love him to bits - when your little brother goes to jail for repeat tangles with the law. Do you disown him?

You don't and I guess if he stays, I will still support him as I have through the last 2 bans

but just like the brother who went back to jail... I can't defend him publicly anymore.


Just an arm around the shoulder.

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I'm not a follower of football but I do think Mr Suarez is being unjustly dealt with.

I understand that this isn't his first incident that he's bitten people and therefore I would suggest that it's psychological and treat as such.


My reasoning behind this is that it's unlikely that he would want to be suspended or sent off and therefore what he's doing IMO, is instinctive!


I would suggest that counselling should be given to him and also that he use a gum guard like the rugby people use.


I do think the papers and such like are making the situation to be worse than it is and although it's not nice to see him bite people, I just put his actions worse than spitting, but less than deliberately standing on a persons leg as his actions are less injurious.


It's not nice to see what he done, but at least people will not be crippled for life.

Just seems a bit over the top and although I don't agree with what he did, there are far worse tackles and actions by other people than what he did.

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I wonder if he'd have gotten such a lengthy ban if it had happened in a qualifying game versus Bolivia or someone

Good point and the whole thing seems slightly unfair to me Rhumsaa.

I saw parts of the Belgium game and in particular where one player got sent off for a serious foul that IMO, could have crippled or damaged the other player for life. Will he get a ban as big as what Mr Suarez did?


It seems biting or spitting is classed as a worse crime than elbowing, head-butting or deliberately trying to cripple a person.

Does anyone else see it this way?

(ps, I'm not saying what he did was right, but compared to other more potential injurious incidents, just seemed unjust)

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I wonder if he'd have gotten such a lengthy ban if it had happened in a qualifying game versus Bolivia or someone

Well, he has been accused of being the second biggest asshole at the World Cup - after Sepp Blatter, that is.

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As a completely bias Evertonian I fully applaud the ban and even question "is it long enough?"


Now I've got that out of my system.... I find the whole biting thing to be alarming because it is such an unusual reaction.... I find Pepe's red card far more "normal" than deciding to chew on a guys shoulder. Not to mention the whole sorry set of excuses after the fact.


There is clearly some sort of psychological issue at play.


Having said all that I think the fact it is his 3rd biting offence and he did it in the middle of the high profile World Cup tournament in Brazil has made it become an example setting punishment. I do believe thought that if he'd had a nibble at a Venezuelan in the qualifiers no one would have batted an eye lid.

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