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Going away soon for a few days to a hot country to play basketball and as I loathe the heat and the sun burns me to a crisp, I'm probably going to be spending a lot of time in the hotel or somewhere covered... which means I'll most likely be on my own a lot as the rest of the team are sun whores. I've stocked up on eBooks in advance and I'd always planned on borrowing my dad's reader for the trip but I just found out that it doesn't have a mains adapter and battery life isn't great. Don't really want to be lugging a bag of AA batteries around with me so I want a reader of my own.


Don't want to spend megabucks so I don't want an all singing all dancing PDA. Looking for a pretty cheap, multi format reader. Anyone know of one? Google is, as usual when searching for products you don't know a great deal about, full of paid ads and marketing guff.

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I wouldn't bother though, unless you're going for weeks, a couple of paperbacks will do the job a load better.


I read quickly and I'm picky about what I read so I might read a couple of chapters and then decide I don't want to read the rest.


Palm Zaire looks interesting.


Bill, no idea what I'm supposed to be seeing on that. Looks software only?

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