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Oculus rift


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Since people will be getting their hands on the new DK2 within a month I was wondering does anyone else have one pre-ordered?


I can't wait, I don't normally get hyped up but VR is looking like the biggest step forward in gaming since we went from 2d to 3d

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If anyone is getting a pair, I know a local Hackspace who would love a bit of a demo!






Just preempting ...


(pair? set? you know what I mean...)

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Hey spanna


Status:PROCESSING:Your order has been checked out for shipping and will be shipped in the next batch. We'll send you a notification once it's shipped.


Looks like i will be getting a DK2 rather soon if you wanna come check it out? I did have a DK1 but sold it to buy a 2nd DK2 as im trying to get my friends into building some multiplayer / user content in Unity game engine.

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