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Big Boat in the Bay

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I have that film on DVD in my ‘special collection’ too. 

IOM government have similar issues when it comes to procurement.

Bye Bye posh boat.  dB2NPL0aNihARtHc.mp4

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Just think of how many jobs are provided, enabled or touched these days through Microsoft products. £ trillions worth across the world now. I don't begrudge him a big boat...he's effectively paid my wages for the past 20 years. Even the island must have had a substantial tickle of all the money spent and earned on it locally over the past 20 years.

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Very nice ship Tattosh - spent about 6 months on the build in Rendsburg on this one - installed getting on for 6 x 19" racks of satellite & A/V distribution - sort of (quality & expensive) kit you would have seen in a leading Cable TV distribution network at the time.


Sailed through the Kiel Canal a couple of times, then did sea trials in the North Sea - moored later at Cuxhaven.

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I do wish we'd stop calling rich people "high net worth individuals". There's more to a person's worth than how much money they have. In the case of Paul Allen, I'd say making a contribution to the advancement of technology and contributing to good causes has been a more worthwhile part of his life than accumulating a lot of money.

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