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Southern agricultural show

Tempus Fugit

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We went for a look today, not been to a show for years so looked a nice day out and not too hot to take the dogs.


Parking was free in the field opposite, had a good look around the show, had some lunch, visited the stalls, exhibits, animals etc. and had a look at the dog agility, met some friends and lots of other dogs for ours to meet and socialise with.


So far so good, and just after 4pm we decided we had seen all we wanted to and headed for the car park (just as there were signs of drizzle in the air), and having joined the exit line we waited and waited, and ...... waited ...... and turned the engine off and waited ....... and waited, hardly moved in 30mins, and finally made some progress and exited at 5.18pm


So, the purpose of this post is that if you were thinking of going tomorrow, you might like to park your car in Ballasalla, Ballabeg, Santon or anywhere else, it may be quicker than trying to get out of the gate to get home :lol:


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Alternatively, if you don't leave at at time when everyone else is leaving you can just drive straight out. When I left I was in a queue of one.

there were not many leaving when we left, just that all the later-comers wanted to push in from the side of the queue further up so for every car length you moved about 10 other cars had effectively pushed into the queue at every row of parking in front of you, but nothing was moving at all (for long enough to just turn the engine off and take seatbelts off), even the right side queue was being diverted into the left most of the time, but something must eventually have changed as there were Police controlling traffic on the road and at Alexander Bridge when we eventually got out, the left gate being turned left and the right gate turned right

(I've done Liverpool to Pontefract quicker than getting out of a field !)

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It was good, but the car park thing was a bit of a pain. Took us about 15mins and we were right at the back of the field. They had a policeman doing the traffic dance at School Hill rather than the lights which should have helped with the flow a bit. Not sure what else, if anything, could have been done really.

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