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Where is Lonan 3 ?


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I have not read any posts from "Lonan" for some time and just hope he is on holiday or something.

I know he has had a few health issues of late but I saw him a few weeks ago at Nobles and he looked great.

I miss his blogs too, they are always amusing.

I worked with him some time back and he really is a top bloke. About half a dozen posters on here keep the thing together and Lonan is one of them.

I hope he has not given up on MF smile.png

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I was hoping you'd both been banned for a short while to cool your bickering. Sadly not it seems.

Ban bickering on Manx Forums? You're a mental.

When it gets nasty and vindicitve and spilling onto every thread - as you two were - a time out will calm things down.


Perhaps, Lonan recognised that and imposed a unilateral time out, perhaps it's something else. Either way you're in danger of coming across as crass in this thread.

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It's easy to deal with that kind of thing. If someone has a go at you that is unjustified, have a go back. Sharp, cutting and straight for the jugular, but after that just don't rise to it. Let the other party bang on to their heart's content. Soon get fed up. Sticks and stones etc.

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