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Where is Lonan 3 ?


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  • 3 weeks later...

I heard Lonan3 has become a born again Christian. Can anyone confirm this?

Bastard! I had to ring him after seeing that! He hadn't read it because he isn't even bothering to 'lurk' here much anymore.

He said it's as likely as the pope pissing on the crowd from the balcony of St Peters!

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I heard Lonan3 has become a born again Christian. Can anyone confirm this?


Bastard! I had to ring him after seeing that! He hadn't read it because he isn't even bothering to 'lurk' here much anymore.



Haha - if you were going to lurk at all, I'm sure you'd lurk a thread about you.

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Oh, dear. Even when I stop posting it seems as if I manage to cause trouble!


In all honesty, I did my level best to leave without flouncing - because it’s always the cause of justifiable hilarity when someone ‘announces’ their departure from Manx Forums as if it’s a world-shattering item of news.

So I tried to slip away very quietly in the hope that my absence wouldn’t be noticed.

Obviously, it didn’t work.


I had received (as I realised later) a number of PM messages asking if I was okay. May I apologise for not responding to many of those well-wishers and thank them for their concern – it was rude of me not to have done so. There were also several ‘phone calls from those who are aware of my real identity. Once again, many thanks.


I also realise that my timing was poor – choosing a moment when the most ignorant and unpleasant poster ever to contribute to the forums was gloating over the kind of imagined triumph that only a very small mind could concoct – but it just happened to be the moment when I came to realise that Manx Forums have ceased to be a place for rational or intelligent debate.


As a matter of fact, I would now find it difficult to argue with the view that it’s a place for the ‘ill-informed.’


For those who aren’t sure how to break the addiction, let me inform you that the first step is to stop posting – regardless of provocation. (this may seem strange when I am posting this one but, having glanced at the current crop of 'discussions,' I can be completely confident that I won't be tempted again)


The second step takes longer – avoid logging in to use the ‘New Content’ facility because, as you will soon realise, there is no such thing as ‘new’ content on MF – just a rehash of tired jokes, repeated subject matter and fixed, narrow-minded opinions.


There have been some erudite and knowledgeable posters – but so many have given up when faced with the flood of garbage produced by those whose mental capacities are suspect to say the very least - and only a few now remain.


Naturally, there will be suspicion that I’m logging in/posting under another name. That will not happen.


I have posted as Terse some years ago; I have used spoof accounts for fun – Geoff Cockish and the Evil One, for example; as well as thomasjefferson (little TJ as he became known), but I will not be using them again.


Despite the efforts of Sick Moon to suggest otherwise, neither Credente nor Endovelicus have any connection to me other than as friends – people I met when they came to the island and to whom I recommended the forums as a way of learning about our fair but flawed island - but I can honestly say that I don’t care what a piece of shit like the Sick Moon thinks about anything. I have, for a long time, had an image of that poster (in several manifestations) as some kind of failed musician who possibly turned to teaching until an attraction towards <removed by mod following a complaint by TSM> led to a painful downfall. It just seems to fit with the persona and the general sickness of someone who is so absorbed in/obsessed with the misery of motor cycle crashes.


Obviously, the tiny little band who make up that asshole’s fan club think differently.


Anyway, following today’s call from Credente and seeing the customary shit-brained response of Pierrot Keyboarder made me realise that a ‘final post’ was clearly necessary to clear things up.


So, I will definitely not be posting on Manxforums again after this.


I will be doing a little bit of ‘housekeeping’ by deleting some of the things I’ve written, for as long as my subscription lasts, and I may glance at subjects from time to time (even if it's only to have a giggle at TJ's extremely tenuous connection with factual history or to groan at Albert Tatlock's raisin-sharp wit), but that is all.


After that, I will trouble you all no more.



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That's a shame.


Lonan3 - I can sort of understand your unwillingness to put up with the less pleasant parts of this site. It definitely has lost a certain something; at the moment sadly there's a predominance of gleeful nastiness, points-scoring and strong opinions based on insistence rather than reasoned debate.


It doesn't make for a discussion where people will be open to changing their views on a subject, or even be willing to try to understand why someone else holds a different point of view from them.


I've always enjoyed trying to understand the other posters point of view, but unfortunately at the moment too many posters' motivations are almost totally hidden behind their insistence they are right and so do not need to explain, but rather dismiss and insult.


It is a serious decline and you can see its effect as people get fed up with the agro.


Hey ho. Lonan3, I've enjoyed reading your opinions and thoughts, and debating with you when we've disagreed. Such a process may not necessarily have changed minds, but it has helped increase my understanding of the world. Thanks.


Go well.

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