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3D printing

war baby

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Cret, I've actually backed Peachy printer but they still seem to be in the R&D phase of their project and still far off from delivering.


War Baby, I don't know anyone on-island with a service similar to what you're after. You'll need to generate a 3D model of what you need before you can get it printed and that's not a trivial job. If you can get someone to build a model for you, someone like http://uk-3d.com/ can print and ship you the item.

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Oh, that's a shame Owen. I VERY nearly did back them too as the resolution of Peachy looks fantastic, but in the end I got a part built reprap Prusa from a friend and finished it off, and it works pretty well for what I need.


I hope you get your peachy printer before too long. It's a while before I looked but a few months back it looked like it was coming on well. :(

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Peachy printer (kickstarter project) is meant to be able to scan iirc.


You can make a 3D scanner using an Xbox Kinect camera though. A friend of mine made one and I've been meaning to make one for my printer.

If its a basic geometric shape though it's easy to design a file with Google Sketchup.

Are Heinz up to 58 varieties now?

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It depends what you want to make really.

If you're prepared to learn design programs you can do some pretty elaborate stuff on your PC yes, I use google sketch up to design basic stuff for printing and it's great.


But if you wanted to replicate something with complex shape and lots of curves etc then scanning it is an easier option to generate a print file.

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