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My wife's recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease. Just wondered if anyone's come across any restaurants/cafes that do gluten free food. I know most places will do their best to cater for special diets but it would be nice to just drop in somewhere without having to ring first.

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The whistle stop cafe at Port Erin Station do (the owner is gluten intolerant) I also know the shore hotel Gansey can cater for coeliacs as a friends wife who has the condition often goes there.

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'' Doc, I've been having a bit of trouble with the old bowel movements.''


''Oh, gluten intolerant, here's a diet sheet, go away and stop bothering me!''


Lazy Doctoring.


70% of coeliacs/ Croins are mis-diagnosed ( Radio 4 medical prog ), be careful the diagnosis is not masking something more serious, bowel cancer.


Most catering outlets can advise on Gluten Free but it is surprising the number of times this advice is followed up by an order for something with wheat in it.


'Oh, I can stand a sandwich' or ' a piece of chocolate gateau won't do any harm, will it?'


Surprising the number of weeks a dodgy Prawn or cream cake can take to clear the system.


Cynic? Moi?

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