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Harbour Lights In Ramsey


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Their Facebook page is here


If they've kept the staff, the food / service should be just as good I would imagine. It did need a bit of a freshen up in fairness, the seats were very uncomfortable if you were in there for any length of time (and let's face it, you usually are if you're out for a meal).


Not too sure what the older clientele will make of it but it wouldn't put me off going there the next time it takes my fancy.

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definitely a vast improvement on the previous interior.


You should sign up to their guest list as they have been running a "BOGOF" the last two weekends.

Menu has been updated. The competition from the two relatively new eateries in town and the helpful barrier on the car park must be taking their toll.

Staff are same.

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I really don't get the issue with the barrier tbh. Are the charges so horrendous if you are parked up for more than 2 hours?


Personally, If I was going there and had to drive, I'd drop whoever I was with at the door and then park up in Market Place (or failing that, Parliament Street/Peel Street or the car park at the rear of St. Paul's Square) and walk the 30 - 90 seconds distance to the Harbour Light, it really wouldn't stop me eating there, that's for sure.

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I don't know why everyone seemed to abandon parking in St Paul Square once the barriers came up. It went from full to almost empty at a stroke. It seemed to prove that it was being used for all day parking and not for the advantage of the businesses there.


Ramsey has to be the easiest place to park, for free, on the island. Long may it stay that way.

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Went here recently and it was pretty disappointing.


Mr A had the roast lunch. which I avoided it due to a previous encounter with the unrecognisable 'cut' of roast and dried out (Aunt Bessies/Iceland?) roasties offered.


The promised choice of hubby's roast Sirloin was obviously not Sirloin as we knew it. I really don't like poor meat, dead roasties and undercooked veg.


I cook every evening, so how hard can it be? s the Sefton going to be serving this standard of 50/60s standard of British cooking?


We won't be back. We've given them a few tries now and that's the last money that we're willing to waste on unsatisfactory food.


The revamp didn't include matching chairs or tables by the way. Sad really.

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