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Harbour Lights In Ramsey

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  • 9 months later...

We went to the Harbour Lights (Ramsey) today for the very first time and I'm pleased to say that we were very impressed.

The place was spotless, warm and the lighting tasteful.

We only had the Afternoon Tea, but that was enough to satisfy anyone's hunger. Everything was homemade and very tasty. Our daughter had a BLT that came with everything you could want as garnish, this was also big on size and taste. The staff were excellent and the service they gave was second to none.

Cannot fault the place at all.

It's a shame Douglas does not have its equal !!!


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  • 1 month later...

Went to the Harbour Lights again today, this time for the Mother's Day Lunch.

Fantastic roast dinners, with proper meat too, and again everything was freshly cooked.

Great food, great service, nice price and all in warm and welcoming surroundings.

Thanks again.smile.png

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Nah, up the corner by the toilet entrance. The noisy group !

I was just telling my daughter that someone else was there (from here) at the same time as us and I said that I thought you would be the chap near the door. She said it would be funny if it turned out that you were on the "noisy table", then we read your post thumbsup.gif

Your party obviously enjoyed yourselves.smile.png

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Oh yes, my wife and I are really quiet but our son's 'new' family are very outgoing and social.................a steep learning curve for us, I expect they feel we are a bit grey....lol


Couldn't even imagine which group you were, I knew quite a few folks though. Wouldn't it be odd if we already knew each other? I often think this about the neighbours, especially if I've posted something contentious.

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  • 11 months later...

Went to the Ramsey one again today for afternoon tea and they get another thumbs up from us.

I don't know who owns or runs the Harbour Lights places, but they could teach a few other places how to please their customers.

Thanks again. ( and thanks to our daughter who bought us the voucher. x )

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