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Happy Birtday!

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Congratulations on passing your test dude.


As for the marriage, how on earth did they manage to keep something that big from you???


Best wishes to you both anyway, may you have many years of happiness together.


I can't make it tonight I'm afraid but I will buy you a beer to celebrate very soon.


Have a great night mate. :)

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I would also like to tell you that I passed my driving test this morning, then the boys met me and we went to the laser shooter place. That was to keep me busy for a couple of hours though, then they dropped the bombshell.

My fiance of 17 years had arranged for us to be married, they told me at 1.00pm

and I was in the registry office at 1.45.

I didn't have a clue.

the reception is at the Harbour bistro Ramsey if your in the neighbourhood pop in for a beer.

God you've had a day of it WildDog? Excellent! I've heard of surprise birthday parties but not surprise extremely short notice weddings - that's one birthday you won't forget.


Wish I lived in Ramsey.. sigh..


Congratulations & Happy Birthday again. :)


Great link Stavros.

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Bloody hell, that's pretty impressive. Congratulations on everything Wild, and well done to your mates and fiance for arranging that must've taken ages.


Haha, bet you're reeling! And if i ever meet you i owe you a pint!

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... and when a woman stitches you up, you know you've been stitched!


See what I mean about it all being downhill from 40...


Congratulations :rolleyes:

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Thanks everyone from both of us.

I'm still on cloud number nine at the mo and can't really remember much about the 24th of June, It wasn't the enormous amount of alcohol I consumed either :). I think it's like WOW, I know it was last week but it still seems like yesterday.

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