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Amy Burns to stand in Douglas South


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We can add being racist to list...............


Someone just sent me a picture from Amy's facebook.


"Saturday Chinky & Drinks"


OK, hands up all those that have never called a Chinese take-away a "Chinky".

I doubt if anyone takes much offence from that "word".

Not defending Amy, but it is not in the same league as calling someone a peado !








I admit to using the word when I was young. In my defence I will say it was in pre PC days, when "love thy Neighbour" was still being repeated on tv. I was young and ignorant.


The last time I heard someone use the word was about 5 years ago, by a woman I was marshaling with. I remember at the time thinking how vulgar it sounded, and how it made the woman sound like an ignorant bigot. But to her it was a normal word.


I reckon these days there are 2 types of people who still use such words. There are the genuine ignorant people, who somehow have managed to avoid exposure to any sort of PC morality Then there are the anti PC brigaders who refuse (in their minds at least) to conform to what they see as an attack on their right to free speech. I am sure everyone knows people in each camp.


I personally find the word offensive, because to me it harks back to the days of Empire, when "natives" were looked down upon in their own countries. It shows a lack of respect to the person.


I suppose it's up to the individual if they want to be politically correct or not. If someone described my wife or child as a "C****y" would I be offended? Yup, of course I would. Would I scream and shout at that person? Nope. But I would feel sorry for him/her. Because it somehow shows them as being either incredibly ignorant or having never had any exposure to anything outside of their own circle of like minded people.


Should politicians be PC? Well..... I think so. I hate to think what would happen if some Chinese Government officials were on a trade delegation visit to the island, and were invited by an MHK to go for a "C****y and drinkies".


As I write this post, I even hate writing that repugnant word. So I have decided to * it out. Not under pressure from the PC brigade, but because it's a word I don't like. I have grown up a bit since my teeange years on a Scottish council estate.

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looks like South Douglas is all about comedy candidates this time round, we just need that german mumbler to stand again and it will be a cracker.

It's a perfect line up that compliments all the comedy town councillors that come from the same area too.

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