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Amy Burns to stand in Douglas South


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meanwhile on twitter....



I'm not sure how to read that if it's genuine. Whose Twitter feed is that from? Points have been made well enough here without banging that out on Twitter to a wider audience. I think it's over the top myself. It does pinpoint, however, that really this person should not be anywhere near politics.







It still shocks me that people continue to use Twitter. How can anybody say anything meaningful within a 140 digit limit? Oh wait, they don't.

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Amy's mate at Manx Telecom



Just thinking about this. If anyone has known Amy for a few years they will likely know who this may well be. She's potentially dropping him in the shit, I would have thought.


I don't think she has any friend of any kind at MT..... I call Bull*** on her actually getting any IP addresses.....



Everyone and his dog has friends at MT. Even I've got a few but they're smart enough and I'm smart enough not to get into conversations about confidental client information. It just isn't done. For a would-be candidate for MHK to make these claims shows she lacks any credibility. Like you, I doubt anyone at MT is dumb enough to go telling anything private to one of the biggest loud mouths on the island.



I believe after a short employment there she did not leave on the best of terms...

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More to the point (and particularly interestingly in this matter) who is Donald Trumps? *


*Rhetorical question only - it is against T & C to answer this question.

You know, why ask? It's getting a bit like Kiss unmasked in the last week.

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Just before I saw the above "statement" I wrote this on a Chinese forum, in response to a poster who was making an issue about people being anonymous:


"In the meantime, I think we should celebrate us all being anonymous to each other. Because most of us hold the concept of democracy close to our hearts, We were brought up with it. And the whole key to it is we are anonymous. In the past (in our home country), when we cast our vote our name was not attached. Our X could not be traced. No repurcussions for voting for the loser"

if your talking about voting in the uk it is recorded how you vote



Yes. But the records are sealed immediately at the conclusion of the vote. They are kept for 12 months before being destroyed. The sealed records can only be opened by a Court Order in the event of an investigation into an alleged offence.


it was covered by the bbc when dodgy votes showed up in glasgow, they knew which box and the names and removed them from the count


Yes. And that is why it's done. Not so they can go in and make a database of how everyone voted!!


it is used for statistical data according to the bbc, this data can be used if they want, to state voting is anonymous is untrue


It is potentially traceable but it is not for finding out who voted for whom. As has been stated before, it is to investigate complaints about anomalies. There has never been a large scale trawl of the information. There would be no point in doing so, therefore de facto, voting is anonymous. If there was any real power in an individual's vote I might consider there was something in the conspiracy theory but since there isn't, I don't.




its 100% traceable, i dont do conspiracy theories either but its not anonymous


The voting packages remained seal, the seal being applied by th Returning Officer immediately once the Count has been completed, and then submitted to the General Registry the next day


The only time the different envelopes may be opened where an interested Party had submitted to the Courts an Election Petition.


It would then for the Deemster to decide if he would allow the two sealed envelopes that would be required, from which the voting slips used counterfoils and the used vote slippings to be exposed so both could then be matched as the numbers printed on both, then to be referred to the Voters List, which ilso in a separate sealed envelope.


As i said I don't know the procedure the Deemster would apply if there was a requirement to open any of the relevant sealed envelopes, but it would be very interesting to read John Wights comments on what happens once the Petition is before the Courts.

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Shame on you for misjudging my character. I have never and I would never betray another person's trust, especially not someone I consider an all round decent person. You can take your question and shove it up your arse.

Well you government types stick together. I'm surprised you can keep track of all your identities and sock puppets. Just to remind you. You appeared to ask the original question about who is DT?

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