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Old pallets are ok, although you will have to watch out for the nails and need to cut it up to size which can be messy.

Amenity sites usually have a wood collection point.

Don't use treated wood

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As with everything over here logs are expensive. People think they're getting a full ton of logs delivered because they come in a ton bag when in actual fact they're probably getting about a fifth of a ton. A lot of log companies use bags which are smaller than a 1 ton bag too. Still cheaper than buying from the garage though.

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These guys. Kiln dried stuff is great, lights easily, burns clean. The tips and butts from the sawmill - avoid unless you like a massive pile of wood on your drive for a couple of years and like using a chainsaw/axe. Much cheaper though.


They seem pricey - £140 for the oak! Ash is better anyway.


Try ringing a few tree surgery people, they usually have stuff that's been seasoned and will deliver more for cheaper than the cash windfall people's prices.


Or get yourself a chainsaw, safety gear and a good splitting axe and start your own log pile.

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As with everything over here logs are expensive.

You're not kidding...it costs nearly £200 to burn a Foxdale Witch these days...it's far cheaper to pay the extra petrol and throw them off the Chasms.


...and have you seen the price of Wicker these days!

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best off starting your own log pile, if you are without a bag from petrol station is as good as anything they all seem to be £6 no matter what, kiln dried is best.


Most people i know burn anything treated or untreated, pallets are very messy to cut up and burn very fast, good for getting fire going though and free but they dont have the same rustic look stacked up your hearth!

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