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You'll never see a poor farmer


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Manx farmers produce more food than the island requires. 95% of them have no intention of changing what they do to meet actual market demands.


Defa fuel this idiotic drive which makes people think there is realistic demand for Manx produce. We hear a load of shit about how 5 packets of cheese are sold in Dubai yet huge quantities are exported either as bulk milk or bulk cheese.


Manx meat is exported at a loss.


It's about time we face facts. We pussyfoot around farmers, we continually financially support failing food businesses whether these are farms or processors, yet we allow education, health and the emergency services to face cuts which affect us all.


The £7m thrown at agriculture should be reduced and the money used to benefit Manx society as a whole. Yes the farmers make the countryside look pretty. But in 20 years time we will realise this latest Defa policy is a waste of time. When it's all too late.

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Farmers’ subsidies cap to rise from £50,000 to £160,000

Isle of Man Newspapers today.


But DEFA rejected our access to government information request for information on recipients of farming subsidies on the grounds of individual privacy and commercial confidentiality.


"On the grounds of Gross Hypocrisy and Endemic Corruption", more like.


If there's any crumb of comfort to be gained before the collective blood of the island's Joe Averages finally boils to vapour, it's that these tw@ts might actually be on their final big blowout before the Island goes completely tits up financially and we have to go cap in hand and independence claims to the four winds to the UK to be bailed out.....

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Is it starting to sink in yet?


The isle of man is a dictatorship and the people are powerless to act.


We all know that most of the mhk's have links to land owners.


There is another scheme if I remember right for companies to receive grants for machinery etc.


We aint talking new companies either, established private companies who receive thousands of pounds from the tax payer.


I always thought banks were where companies went for finance but this is a hand out so best no go to the bank whatever.gif

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Surely if the Farmers wants the manx public support in buying manx products, then they should in form DEFRA that they give approval to the relevant information being made public.


Why cant David Andrson and Howard Quayle, together with any other MHK or their direct family, for example, sister to brother, here I am referring to the President of Tynwald Claire Christian, who's brother Keith Kerruish and possibly herself as a Director are receiving a gift of money from Govt funds, Phil Gawne for example, as they keep stating they fully support transparency and sustainability, practice what they preach, what have they got to hide by not doing so?


Chris Robertshaw does not declare he owns Bashen Farm, but he then goes onto state that he is a Owner of Venture Ltd Registered Office Bawshen Farm Crosby – value £676,579.78, wasn't this the Company he stated in the run up to the 2010 that he would be transferring ownership of this Company to his daughters, if he has, this is not recorded in his Member of Interests Information Sheet which is on the Tynwald Website.



I have just checked Claire Christians Members Interests and she does actually list CCS payments together with rent of land as a source of Income, but not the actual amount she receives.


Surely as this is financial pecuniary interest, she and others who receive CCS Payments should declare the amount of public money they receive each year, and should they be actually be taking part in Debates when theu relate specifically to the CCS and the level of payments that Tynwald then determine are going to be paid.


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So last year Howard Quayle and John Houghton were sent onto Manx Radio Sunday Opinion and Mannin Line to publically break the news that everyone on the Island was going to be hit by a £50 toilet tax, regardless of anything. And all the time the portly £millionaire Mr Quayle is trousering loadsa, loadsa money from the Government just for owning loads of land.


Can't be right, surely?


No wonder they needed a toilet tax and all the rest of it. Keep the coffers topped up to keep fat cats fatter.

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