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Max Power

Ronaldsway Airport Beirut.

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Experienced the new system today for the first time with fog bound planes going nowhere. What an absolute fucking shambles, it's embarrassing. Chaos, lot's of irate people trying to drop off and pick up and getting moved on immediately, shouting, fist shaking, swearing. Massive queues for the car park payment machines. One of those hi viz vest dicks is going to get lynched soon. Whichever clown/s signed off this new cheapskate grab for cash should hang their head/s in shame. A total fucking mess.


You can't base an entire parking system around a set of circumstances that happens perhaps a handful of times a year.


And these days there is plenty of info to update people on flights so that a journey isn't made until you know the fog has lifted etc.


And it is a drop off and pick up zone. Nothing more.



Reynoldsway Heathrow on Sea continues to fail at the most basic of tasks. Seen the new xray area? Designed by Stevie Wonder. Instant bottleneck when you come in. Also, when I flew out last, it must have been one of the busiest days they have (Saturday after Senior Race Day). Only one of the two xray lines was on. Staff grumpy as ever. I rather pass through notorious NAIA T1 than Reynoldsfail any day.


One of the luggage belts was broken as well, resulting in luggage not being weighed correctly at check in. The place sucks camel balls. Can't get the parking right, can't get the BRAND FUCKING NEW xray area right, can't get the radar right, the list of overpaid incompetence goes on and on and on.... It's you, the taxpayers, who pick up the bill for all of this.

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