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What is going on?


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Why is Facebook looking at MF?

I think it is when someone links to MF on Facebook and someone clicks that link, then the user comes up as Facebook. Same with 'Google' dropping in now and again, although that would be when a Google search finds MF. (MF seems to come pretty high up on Google search engines)

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Latest update from someone on Facebook (so it must be true)

" I live up here scared isnt the word we arent aloud out ive heard the body was a rumour apparently fireshots have gone off chainsaws have been used this is what ive heard and some scumbags on a different page with no consideration for others find this funny! Ive saw now loads of police some wearing helmets and and 2 had big shields also police dogs i saw the ambulance not sure if its gone ive got told its the burglars around this area "

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