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On 7/15/2018 at 8:14 PM, Bobbie Bobster said:

In a first for me, my library of unlistened-to podcasts is virtually empty (just 3 mins of The Business to finish listening to).

Any suggestions as to good ones worth a spin?

Thanks for all the suggestions (/s), I'm back up to nominal with about 50 in the feed.

Went a bit all long-form interviewy with:

Joe Rogan (can be interesting but needs editing, lots of chaff amongst the wheat)

Tim Ferris (interesting but may not last, it's all a bit West Coast.  Also Editing?!??!!)

Alan Alda (a new one, almost worth listening to for Alda's honeyed tones on their own!)

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Rachel Maddow has made an excellent 7 part podcast called “bagman”. It’s about Nixon’s Vice President Spiro Agnew, who wasn’t involved in watergate but was massively corrupt and was convicted of accepting bribes of hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash whilst in his White House office.

He claimed the whole thing was a witch hunt carried out by a corrupt, democrat biased justice department, and convinced his supporters not to believe anything in the press as journalists were the enemy of the people. Imagine that! 

It all happened just before watergate so was completely overshadowed.

Edited by Mr. Sausages

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Thanks for the recommendation.

For me, Spiro is a trigger phrase for memories of transparent plastic cogged wheels with holes in them for pins and coloured pens.

But back to podcasts, Omega Tau is one of my new favourites.

Ascience and engineering podcast, if you like 2 hrs on a detailed walk-around of an F-16 with an active USAF pilot, it's the one for you. (Did you know the F-16's emergency power unit is fuelled by hydrazine and gives about 15 mins of power, which is shorter than the aircraft's maximum glide time from a cruising altitude?)

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