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Cat's Broken Leg Vet Bill

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Unfortunately, I have had to rush my Cat TwoWhiteSocks to the Veteranarian Hospital when she got her Leg stuck in a Door and had it Broken. For the X-Rays, Operation, Medications and Treatments has cost me more than $650.00.

If anyone can help me out with my Veterinarian Expenses for helping my Cat, it would be much appreciated.

Pictured is her with her Leg Stitches which I am presently Nursing back to Health.

David C. Corrin


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I've just tripped over in the pub and banged me nose...Please send money...it's my round.   It's only £2000.

I spent over £600.00 on an operation for my dog a few months ago. I never gave it a thought to ask other people to pay. He's my dog and therefore my responsibility, nobody else's.

I think I'll sign up for a fund-me-a-fabulous-motorhome with a slide-out lounge.   Come on everyone, pretty please, be kind, I really need one.

I was Born in Canada. My Great Grandparents were Manx, so I have Manx DNA in my Genes.


I did do a Family Ancentral Pilgrimage in 2006. My Avatar is the Picture I took of our Corrin's Tower when I did the Hike up the Hill before doing the tour of Peel Castle, House of Mannanin and then having Pints at the British Legion in the Evening.


But one of the things on my "If I Won The Lottery" List is getting a place in Peel and spending some time there as well as staying in Calgary the rest of the time.




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Others don't have to do anything if they don't want.


So far, a guy named Kevin has made a Small Contribution of $7 and a member of one of my Volunteer Organizations, who is an Out Of Work Hairstylist at the moment, has offered a Barter of Free Hair Cut.


Right now, I have rolled up $600.00 worth of Twoonie Coins from my Twoonie Per Day Emergency Fund to cover this Unexpected Emergency Expense.


But a bit of Help with helping out my Cat's Medical Expense would be nice.


If you look at the GoFundMe Website, there are all sorts of other People who have had such Stories. Look it up in their Success Stories Section.


There are Athletes who need Funds for their Activities, People with Damaged Houses who need a bit of Help as well as People with Legal Problems who are looking for Funding for their Court Cases.





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For instance, here is an Emergency Request for an Elderly Gentleman who was a Victim of Assault:




It is for this sort of thing that I do Volunteer Poppy Tagging for my Legion Club every Fall around Remembrance Day Time. I gather in the Funds necessary for my Legion Club to provide Relief for Elderly Citizens in need such as Mr.Barnes. So I already do my bit to help out various Charities that the Legion supports.


Unfortunately, the Legion does not help out Private Citizens with their Veterinarian Bills such as what has just be dumped onto my Plate.




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There is even a section for other People whose Pets are in need:




Here is a Puppy in the UK that is in need of Life Saving Surgery for a Twisted Digestive Track:




I came upon GoFundMe last Summer when a fellow Druid needed Car Repairs in order to get to Work. Some other Druid (who must be Wealthy) helped him out by Contributing 700 pounds.


Since then, I have known about this Website but did not use it as I had sufficient Income and No Needs. But I am now on Seasonal Layoff and this unexpected Veterinary Expense suddenly got put on my Plate.


So here we are.





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$5 Canadian Dollars or £2.65 British Pound Sterling per month looks like it would insure your cat against all accidents such as this. Obviously this doesn't help you now but if in future you can't afford at least £2.65 per month for the life of your pet then you should have a think about whether you should take a pet on.

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