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Nah ours was shot to hell last night, had a video buffering on YouTube like streaming video used to be in the old days on dial-up. I even had visible lag whilst playing Hearthstone, which is quite remarkable considering it's a turn based card game.


And yet just fired up the battle.net client now and it's pulled down a Starcraft 2 patch at 3.2MB/s which is as fast as it ever was before the VDSL Plus megaton bomb fucked everything up.


They're totally overloaded at peak times now is the long and short of it, as was said earlier in the thread by MrFunk, the pie is still the same size but some people now have bigger forks.


I think the thing that's narked me off the most about this whole thing is the near total wall of silence from WiManx themselves and the generic replies people who raise issues with them are getting.


Just an email out to all customers acknowledging there are issues and that they're working on them would have gone a long way, as well as a temporary discount to ADSL rates given that VDSL is now massively degraded for all their paying customers.

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I was doing several speed tests at work yesterday on a Manx Telecom ADSL curcuit. All the speed test servers including MT's own gave me about a 10 meg download result but when I selected WiManx's speddtest server I got about 500K download result.


I tried plenty of servers several times and the WiManx one would always give the same crappy result.

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I've even had my in-laws on the phone now saying they can't watch anything properly in the evenings, they've got one of those little streaming box things, the name of which escapes me - but it streams in 720p.


They're on WiManx, which was at my recommendation.....


I've told them that WiManx should have it sorted in a month but if they want to switch to MT there's nothing stopping them as they've been with WiManx for a while now (two years or more IIRC), didn't get a free router or anything, so there's nothing tying them in.


Personally I'll give WiManx the month to get it sorted, unless things get even worse before they get better.

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Well reduction in bill was squished. Internet connection offered on best endeavors only and service is only "up to"


Will have to suck it up i guess. Check out tonights amazing performance. 1080p video stream on Youtube? Forget it.


So much for #banthebuffer eh!







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"Please note that Wi-Manx do not offer any guarantee as to the speed of the connection and all services are stated as being "up to" a particular speed. Whilst we have identified the need to and have put the wheels in motion to upgrade our network capacity which has been communicated to you, the service that you are receiving and always will receive is on a best effort basis and dependent on your type of usage on the network. We have previously indicated that priority will be given to applications such as browsing, email, streaming, instant messaging, gaming and VOIP which moving forward will be a constant consideration for the service. As such, we would therefore not be in a position to offer any sort of refund or service credit in this situation."

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Meh, and if they give priority to streaming services how come since this upgrade my Netflix has been pretty shitty, taking ages to get streaming and having massive drops in quality.


Very disappointed by their handling of this whole thing, having been with them since the first few months, staying with them despite being able to get the same service for significantly less from Sure due to their "excellent" customer service. I am now tempted to just bin them off and move to Sure, oh wait I can't as I am locked into a new 24 month contract.


Also rankles that new customers get a free router, along with their free installation, with their shorter contract term, but loyal customers get nothing but tied in.

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Guest MrFunk

I'm done with the speed tests, the variation over an evening is massive. It's the real world usage that is killing it in our house. A NowTV box that uses adaptive streaming fluctuates between VHS quality and 90's 28.8k modem porn. Never anywhere near 720p. Anything fixed rate buffers. And streaming is supposed to have priority. As a comparison I have no issues streaming 4k video @60fps at 3 in the afternoon. No more impulse buys on Steam either, it'll always take till tomorow until it can be played anyway.


The only reason I'm bitching on here at this time of night is because I've got a few work things that have to be done and it's just starting to become usable again.


No surprise to see an ISP role out the whole "up to" excuse for below par performance, what would be interesting though is to find out if they are still selling VDSL+ upgrades and new accounts.

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