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I've rung them up to complain on behalf of myself and my in-laws, and my father-in-law rang them himself previous to that (and got a crappy stock answer hence escalating it to me).


IIRC we've only had VDSL for about 13 months and got a new FritzBox as part of the upgrade from ADSL, which I guess was on a 24 month contract.


I may need to look into that.

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Traffic shaping and capping are two different things. Your Wimanx account is unlimited and you can download as much as you want 24/7... just really, really slowly smile.png


Worries me that they say they're prioritising streaming, considering the shocking streaming performance I'm seeing. My only saving grace is that most of the sports I stream air in the early hours so it's unaffected but the few times I've tried to watch highlights or special features in the earlier evening have been a disaster. I ended up hotspotting and streaming over the 3g network the other day which was flawless.

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Guest MrFunk

You can add me to the official complaint list, I was in regular contact with them before I ever thought of looking on here. Phone, e-mail, it's still the same stock "nothing going on here" replies. The only partial sense I got out of them was the very first phone call where the tech let slip about the huge contention issues they were having.


I knew they were under new management but I had no idea Data Centre were involved, at that point all my loyalty goes out the window.

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Unfortunately I've got about 21 months of my 24 month contract left. Welcome to broadband in 2015!


On wimanx's service status page it says this:


"Migration of VDSL broadband subscribers Off Laxey Exchange to the CNR ISAM - 26/03/2015"


Could a techie please explain what the CNR ISAM is please and what effect it might have as I'm in spitting distance of the exchange.

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