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I think most will agree Wi-Manx have provided sterling service for several years, both from a performance and customer service perspective. With demand, the speeds/latency have been squeezed at times but I know people have been tirelessly working to improve the service. I can genuinely say the people at Wi-Manx take pride in what they do so its been frustrating for everyone.


I said it before, people should not blame Manx-Telecom for these issues. Peak-time demand and some gremlins in the networks (which you couldn't pin on anyone) were the root cause. . As most people know, a large proportion of the broadband network uses a common infrastructure but key elements are reliant upon the operator (e.g. Wi-Manx), so blaming MT is unfair, especially when they (like Wi-Manx) are doing everything they can to help.


The upgrade/improvement has been on the cards for some time but sometimes stuff happens. The good news. The service has improved dramatically and I think by next week, it will be back at the top of the pack.


I spotted a mention of my new role. There is a lot of investment happening at Wi-Manx, in the networks, tech and in the staff - and it would be unfair to say the service has gone down hill. The same team are behind broadband/networks/service and it would be unfair on them to believe this to be the case. It is rare you deal with a company where everyone genuinely wants to offer the best service.

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Well in all fairness it's been solid for the last few days now, did a bit of online gaming last night and that was fine too.


So a rather unfortunate spell of very poor performance, and TBH I still think WiManx could have handled it far better than they did, I take on board what joeyconcrete said in his previous post but you only need to look at the feedback in this thread to see that wasn't the perception their customers were taking away from it.


However, fingers crossed we're back to normal now smile.png

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That's astonishingly naive. I've had a lot of people commenting on Wimanx performance in a variety of places, none of whom were happy. If anything, I would actually say the MF posters here have been much more tolerant of the poor performance and much more likely to stick with them and hope they resolve it. It would certainly be interesting to know how many customers migrated away from them in the last 6-8 weeks.

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It was fine for a couple of days, but it has gone back to this today:




joey, if you ask me the real problem here isn't poor network performance, it's the way WiManx have been dealing with this issue for the last 2 months or so. Everyone understand problems exists, it's the way you handle them and how you communicate with your customers that makes a difference and let's say they have been less than forthcoming so far, which is very disappointing

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