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I've been upgraded on MT, but still on the old Netgear router (awaiting the Fritz through the post)


the service has improved, in that the sync of ~47mbit is now achieved instead of being throttled to 40 and the upload is at the full 10mbit (or thereabouts)


speedtest.net shows 42-45 down and 9-10 up

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My Wimanx DSL was upgraded. I've gained a whopping 2mb download speed. Not quite the bump I was expecting considering I was getting 38mb on my regular VDSL.


The upstream is 8mb which does make it worth it but it will be interesting to see how it behaves at peak times.

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For some reason, my husbands username takes priority over mine and when I select manxforums, his username comes up first!!

He hardly uses it and I think it might be over a year ago, but how do I make my username become the auto choice? I use Linux Mint 13 or 14

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We've just had upgrade confirmation from Wi-Manx, syncing at mid 50's down, 11 up. Broad range of tests done and our average download speed has increased by about 7Mbps. As others have commented the extra upload is however more than welcome.


All this is during the day. At peak times it is still virtually unusable with a ping varying from 60ms to over 300ms and "real" download speeds ranging from 50kb/s to about 1MB/s ish. Vanilla files, no torrents. Netflix quality is variable and certainly not reliably 1080p. If I was a big online gamer I'd be pissed. Support ticket left with Wi-Manx and haven't heard anything back. I still have my fingers crossed that somebody is going to discover a setting that needs set/unset.

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Received this reply from WiManx:-


Due to Wi-Manx on- going successes, a high level of new take up and fast adoption of the new velocity plus product we have seen a significant increase in bandwidth demand on our broadband network.


Customers are reminded that all internet service provider (ISP) broadband services are contended and therefore the quality and speed of your broadband connection is dependent on the number of users online at any given time. Contention ratios are applied within Manx Telecom Wholesale infrastructure and therefore some elements of broadband service is beyond the control of ISPs.


"We continuously monitor and efficiently manage the performance of broadband traffic on our own network to ensure that we provide a sustainable quality broadband service to our customers. Recent increase in traffic has meant that our traffic management system, designed to ensure fairness across all customers, has been triggered at peak times. In these instances priority is given to applications such as browsing, email, streaming, instant messaging, gaming and VOIP. This means that certain applications that use up a lot of bandwidth and would have a negative effect on other customers may run slower at peak times. Example are peer-to-peer file-sharing, large file downloads and newsgroups. Our network is busiest between 4pm and 11pm on weekdays and throughout the weekend, but can be busy at other times too such as school holidays.


Wi-Manx has invested significantly in upgraded network capability and capacity to support existing services and the new Velocity Plus service. The latest phase of the network upgrade is in progress and significant additional capacity will come on stream during March and April 2015."



Nice of them to be honest that they are throttling bandwidth at "peak times" and it's quite obviously because they don't have enough of it (and this is why it's not happening to Manx Telecom customers). They obviously decided to see how the takeup was on the upgrade and to see how well their current bandwidth from Manx Telecom would do. It's now plain to see it's not enough after all these new subscribers, but at least they are saying they will be increasing bandwidth in March / April time. I am very interested to see if download speeds increase around this time, as it's really no quicker than it was pre upgrade, and certainly a factor slower at peak times.



This must be the reason my patch for Elite Dangerous took over 4 hours to download (was only a few meg) as i think it uses a peer to peer system which would have been heavily throttled. I am just downloading a game on Steam at the moment, and getting 2.2MB/s. This is unacceptable to me, when i was getting 4.5MB/s on VDSL. WiManx should be putting the information they sent me on their Support Status page and linking to it on Twitter for anyone who is having issues to know about.


I am however, generally still a big fan of WiManx. When you ring up, you get to speak to an actual Network Engineer who know what they are talking about. I still wouldn't shift back to MT

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Our connection seems to have been OK this week although admittedly it hasn't really been stressed much.

Tonight (Saturday) will be a good test though as I'll be playing online with the guys and Mrs Twonky and Twonky Jnr will be iPad/Netflix/browsing/etc on their devices at the same time, and according to Wimanx it's one of their peak times.


Historically Wimanx have been 100% solid in this scenario, delivering plenty of bandwidth for all the devices and also maintaining a very low ping for me online - last week however it was shit, and if that's repeated tonight I'll be raising a ticket with Wimanx over the issue. (This is why I originally moved from MT to Wimanx, as MT just weren't delivering a solid enough connection at peak times.)


I've also got some downloads to do this afternoon so I'll see how the connection handles that.


All that said, Wimanx have been absolutely superb over the years and their customer service remains unparalleled, so I'm prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt for a month or two until this new capacity comes onstream in March/April. And as you mention yourself somewhatdamaged, when you ring them up you can be speaking to a clued-up techy in a matter of moments, they don't make you sit through a load of scripted nonsense if you know who it is you want to speak to and what it's about.


Ultimately however, an ISP needs to deliver a fast, solid, stable, low latency connection - so if things are still as there are now by the end of April, I will start to look elsewhere.

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That sounds like a more rounded version of what I was told very briefly over the phone when I first contacted them. I've been with them since the very beginning and will stick with them.


It's worth noting that even their prioritised traffic is being impacted heavily by this, latency is through the roof at peak times so even with the throttling/shaping it's creaking at the seems.


Edit - Forgot, and this "Contention ratios are applied within Manx Telecom Wholesale infrastructure and therefore some elements of broadband service is beyond the control of ISPs." is the biggest worry, no matter how much Wi-Manx upgrade their infrastructure if the service is sold to capacity through the collective ISPs it's still going to be an ongoing problem.

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The thing that bugs me is was there really any massive demand out there for VDSL Plus? Yes I appreciate Wimanx are saying they've had a big uptake but considering it's a free upgrade for those in range that's hardly surprising (I asked about it for this reason).


VDSL was able to deliver pretty stellar download speeds of around 4.5MB/s, which is plenty enough for every device in a household to be streaming/downloading at the same time, and do it with very low latency too.


(And since the range on VDSL Plus is so limited a lot of folks are flat out just not going to be able to get it anyway, we live very close to the centre of Ramsey and apparently we're out of range, so everyone gets crapped out VDSL for the benefit of a few folks who can saturate the network with their VDSL Plus connections.)


What we appear to be seeing now with the roll out of VDSL Plus is download speeds haven't increased much for people, and latency has gone through the roof, which is by far and away the major determining factor in how good your online gaming experience is going to be. 150ms latency is, not to put too fine a point on it, utter shit - and I'm a bit narked that my previously 100% solid VDSL connection has been flushed down the crapper by VDSL Plus that by all accounts the network isn't capable of handling. I only get one night per week of online gaming with the guys, and it's something I really look forward to after a week at work, last week was crap because I had the highest ping on the server, I really hope it's not the same again this week.


At the end of the day I'm still paying the same £35 per month but the product I'm receiving is now seriously degraded from what it was a few weeks ago, and I'm a bit disappointed that Wimanx have resorted to that old stock answer of, 'Yeah well, contention innit' - except this is a new thing, it's been absolutely fine for years.

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