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I'm near the Wessex as well but not in range for VDSL+ unfortunately. My speeds have always been around 23MB down and 1.2MB up constant.


As the crow flies I would be fine but unfortunately the line length is a lot longer.

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I'm in Onchan. Typically my downloads sit around 4MB/s-4.3MB/s.


Sunday evening around 11pm I was down to 400KB/s on Port 443 to multiple providers. Every 2 minutes it would spike up to 1.4MB/s then drop back down below 500KB/s.


A speedtest.net to the 3 local providers was poor also.


I thought it was strange time for local contention though I've not investigated since.

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Heard this morning that the word on the grapevine is that WiManx have apparently dropped the ball on this upgrade and don't have the bandwidth to service their customers, hence having to use a traffic shaping solution. It has been raised with Manx Telecom, and they are deliberately dragging their heels over it whilst their customers receive a better service


A friend of a friend moved from WiManx to MT, and said the difference was night and day


I'm going to stick with WiManx and give them time to sort it, but if its not resolved by April, i'll switch providers

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Just been upgraded on Sure to VDSL+

First test to Bluewave:-


Second test to Manx Telecom:-


Final test to Namesco in London:-



Bit disappointed in this really as its the same download give or take but only the upload has increased. This is Sync'd at 82339kb DOWN AND 10999kb up.

After a few more days are you any happier with your speeds, have they improved at all?

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