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For anyone looking for an equivalent available in Europe see http://www.joylent.eu/


I'm just waiting for my first order to come in

Let me know how you get on with that. I must admit, it's cheaper than I thought it was, and I may have to try some.


As for why I'm doing it, it may not make sense to some of the more 'sensible' folk, but it's affordable, interesting, something new to try, and it contains all the nutrition I need, something I know I'm lacking and feel much worse for. I only wanted to know if anyone else had tried it and how they got on with it. Yes, it does have pitfalls, but I will still eat real food with friends etc. it's just breakfast/lunch especially are well suited to be replaced by it.

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I enjoy food and cooking too much to give it all up for a weird gel. That said, substituting a couple of meals a day for a month or so whilst you lose weight sounds ok.


I bet you don't feel full or satisfied afterward imbibing the stuff though and if you're drinking a lot of booze I don't think it would appeal over a bacon bap.

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So, a report after a few days:

I've not stuck strictly to the Liquid Cake, and want to tweak the recipe slightly but here goes

1) It tastes more like vanilla milkshake than cake, but it has a slightly gritty texture to it, which I did expect

2) it's ridiculously filling and after half a serving, I start to feel full

3) I've been drinking a lot more water than I usually do

4) Without a blender, it's awful, lumpy and just all around grim. With a small hand blender, it's a night and day difference.

5) I need to be more accurate with the mixture, the one I'm drinking now is slightly too watery, and I added too much oil to it.

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You still boshing the bongo juice? How's it feeling after a month?


Apologies for the delay in replying, I hadn't seen your post.

I found that it tended to replace a couple of meals a day, it went well complimenting a Greggs brunch (student, so never up for breakfast)

It does make the insides feel a bit unusual for a day or two but aside from that, I can't really grumble

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